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Voting In Illinois

We're always working to expand access to voting for everyone in Illinois. To make sure you are able to exercise your right to vote, here are some helpful links.

Am I Registered to Vote in Illinois?

Find out if you are registered to vote by visiting the Illinois State Board of Elections website. You'll just need your name and zip code to know if you're registered, and to find your local polling place.

You can now register to vote online through the Illinois State Board of Elections. Don’t forget to update your registration if you’ve moved or changed your name!

Where Can I Vote?

Polling places in Illinois are set prior to every election, which can lead to confusion about where to cast your ballot. To make it easier on voters, Democrats in Illinois have pushed to expand Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail so you aren’t tied to a polling place.

Vote-By-Mail/Early Voting

Visit the State Board of Elections website to download a Vote-by-Mail application, apply for the application online, or find an early voting location and hours near you. Remember, applications to Vote-by-Mail must be returned to the Election Authority for processing. Vote-by-Mail and early voting are easy ways for you to vote! Get started at the Illinois State Board of Elections. If you are a Military and Overseas Voter, be sure to check out the Illinois Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) site.

Where is my Election Day Polling Place?

Voting in person on Election Day is a great option! Confirm your polling place at the State Board of Elections website.